Dealing with Untreated Trauma?

Childhood trauma can leave scars that affect the individual for the rest of their life. In many of these cases, it feels lonely and isolating to have gone through trauma. Even with a support network, if no one else has gone through a similar experience, it may be hard to share personal details of the trauma. Leaving this trauma untreated can be extremely dangerous to both physical and mental health. There are subconscious thought patterns, defence mechanisms, and general behaviours that have been moulded in order to protect oneself from the effects of the trauma while it was happening.

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Our Team and Mission

We pride ourselves in being a team of professionally trained and experienced survivors. Our team has been through trauma and abuse as children and come out of it stronger, through holistic healing techniques. We are happy to be able to pass on the techniques that helped us heal.


Our mission at Heal for Life is to provide a safe place for individuals to heal. We recognise that healing usually doesn’t take place if the individual feels uncomfortable or unwilling to open up. We hope to create a warm and loving environment where patients can be themselves.

Who Are We?

We are the Heal for Life Foundation. We are a non-profit trauma centre and charity, and we are unique in being operated by trained and experienced trauma survivors.We have a main location an hour west of Newcastle. It is 340 acres of farmland outside of Cessnock. In this centre, we have separate facilities for all our programs, so patients can be guaranteed that there will be no surprise encounters. At this facility, we offer mental health care with our expert team of psychologists and counsellors.


Currently, Heal for Life is expanding to different areas. We have facilities in West Australia and the Philippines. We hope to continue to grow and help more trauma survivors.



At Heal for Life, we have services for all types of people suffering from trauma. We have youth programs for high school and primary school students, programs for young women, adult programs, and a private retreat for those who want to heal on their own time.

What We Can Help With

Childhood trauma can cause any change in behaviours, attitudes, or well-being, such as developing depression or anxiety in social situations. For those struggling to overcome these difficulties, our team at Heal for Life is eager to help.


Of course, healing starts with the individual. It is crucial that the survivor is ready to face their trauma and any issues that arose from it.There are a lot of subconscious fears and anxieties that could arise from the trauma.

abandonment issues

Things like abandonment issues, and wounds to an individual’s physical, mental, sexual, and spiritual psyche. If an individual is at least aware of these issues, they are ready to heal with us.


The Heal for Life Recovery Model

Heal for Life is unique in that our program is run by survivors for survivors. As survivors ourselves, we understand and can connect with our patients in a way that non-survivors cannot.

Childhood Issues

We understand the pain, suffering, and isolated feelings that come from childhood abuse, and we are here to help.Our team is carefully selected and trained for every step of the healing journey. Since healing can only truly take place in a safe environment, we keep strict confidentiality rules and strive to make everyone feel safe.

hierarchy of abuse

Trauma takes a toll on anyone. The longer the abuse was endured, the more the chemicals in the brain are affected. Whether physical or psychological, all abuse has similar effects. There is no hierarchy of abuse in our programs at Heal for Life. We do not judge individuals based on what they experienced. We are only here to heal.

Information About Us

Our recovery model works best in a community setting. We function as a healthy family. During the healing week, both guests and facilitators at Heal for Life come together to partake in the activities. This includes reflections, preparing meals, and housework.Although we are in charge of this community and program,


we do not act as controllers. Everyone is considered equally and treated with respect. We will not try to control or fix anyone. Abuse of power is very common in childhood abuse, and we do not want to increase the trauma.At the end of the day, healing is up to the individual. We will be here the whole time to help and foster a good environment for healing.

However, it is the responsibility of our guests to regain their own power. We want our guests to want to be here, not to be forced. Heal for Life will support all our guests to regain their power.

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Services We Provide

At Heal for Life, our model of healing follows a Recovery trajectory. We do not rely solely on medication as this method can allow the patient to ignore the issue. Instead, we are holistic, so we focus on healing the spirit, the body, and the mind.

We have residential facilities and programs for adults and youths to give a safe environment for the healing process. Of course, our counsellors are available for all our patients. These residential programs are not completely isolated. We have educational classes for patients to work on their therapeutic skills and earn a certificate.

For organisations such as schools and health service providers, Heal for Life offers Training in Trauma Informed Practice courses. This will hopefully give survivors better resources when they embark into the world or after their trauma.

We also offer specific Indigenous services. These are culturally appropriate programs to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals. We also provide support for families and communities.


We want our guests to want to be here, not to be forced. Heal for Life will support all our guests to regain their power.There is no time limit to the healing process.

We understand it takes everyone their own journey to heal. We do ask that guests leave a three-month period between healing weeks, but outside healing is highly encouraged.

Our team believes survivors. We listen to them and express our love and compassion for each other every day.  Join us at Heal for Life to get started on your recovery journey.





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